New to Clothesline 365? Welcome! Here are a few helpful tips for browsing our website, finding the products most relevant to you, and to save some money along the way!


  1. Our site is broken down into three major sections – items by camp, items by school, and extras (items that are not branded for a particular school or camp). To view these different sections, click on the links on our main navigation at the top of the website.
  2. When shopping for camp or school items, you will likely want to view items by your child's camp or school. We made this simple using our camp and school search tool. Simply select the state that the camp/school is in, and then select the camp/school from our list. If you do not see your camp or school, we may not have items for sale for that particular camp or school. But please come back – we are constantly adding new schools and camps to our site!
  3. When viewing a list of items on the site, you will probably want to search by item type, by size or color. On the left side of our product pages, we have filters for item type, item size and by color.
  4. Keep in mind that Clothesline 365 is a marketplace, which means that items listed on the website come from various sellers. You are welcome to add items to your cart and purchase items from multiple sellers, but keep in mind that it means multiple shipments. To cut down on shipping costs, we recommend buying multiple items from the same seller if you can. When viewing a particular product, you may scroll down to see other products listed from that seller.